Content Management

CoreSense has the infrastructure and expertise to accelerate your mojoPortal based content management system or website deployment. We specialize in design, development, hosting and support.  Even the most entry level of website design will benefit from accelerated time to market and dynamic content offered by our website design and development services.  Plus, you have the option to host your web presence in our Tier 4 data center for ensured realiance and guarenteed uptime.

  • Custom Themes
  • New or Existing Sites
  • Corporate, Social Networking, Ecommerce, Small Biz
  • Branding and Logo Design (optional)
  • We Specialize in .NET Development
  • Custom Modules and Systems Integration
  • Tested, Tested, and Tested!
  • Project Portal Included
  • Tier 4 Data Center
  • Managed IT Services
  • Your Domain and DNS Services (optional)
  • Guarenteed Backups
  • Variety of Support Levels to Choose (optional)
  • Level 1 Support Included with every Hosted Account
  • Available as Needed or for 1 Time Occurances
  • mojoPortal Installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting

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